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my favorite

Coconut flavor is legit! Tastes like a tropical vacation wrapped in chocolate. So good, I could eat it all day

Coconut flavor is bomb! It’s like eating a chocolate covered in coconut. The perfect balance of sweet and nutty. I’m in love

The Milk Chocolate bar is straight-up amazing! It’s creamy, smooth, and everything you want in a chocolate bar. Can't get enough

Bro, the Milk Chocolate bar is fire! It’s so creamy and smooth, feels like it’s melting right on your tongue. Gonna stock up on these for sure

Milk Chocolate is classic and delicious, but a bit too sweet for me. Still, it's creamy and satisfying. Would def buy again

Dude, the Milk Chocolate bar is classic goodness. It's so creamy and melts in your mouth. Totally my new favorite treat

Matcha Fan all day

The Matcha flavor is pretty solid. Could be a bit more intense, but overall, it’s a unique and tasty treat. Definitely gonna get it again

Matcha chocolate? Yes, please! The earthy matcha with the smooth dark chocolate is just perfect. This bar is my new obsession

Worth my money

Matcha flavor is pretty good! It's got a nice earthy vibe, but I wish it was a bit stronger. Still, totally worth a try if you love matcha

Yo, the Matcha flavor is unreal! It's like a matcha latte but in chocolate form. Super smooth and just the right amount of matcha kick. Love it


Crunchyyyy. it;s like dessert for breakfast, but better. Trust me, you won't be able to put it down once you try it

Yo, this chocolate bar is fire! The cinnamon flavor is on point, and the crunchy cereal bits take it to the next level.

Polkadot Butter Pecan Chocolate Bar

You guys, this Butter Pecan flavor is a game-changer! The combination of crunchy pecans and creamy chocolate is irresistible. I could eat this every day

Polkadot Butter Pecan Chocolate Bar

The Butter Pecan Chocolate Bar is good, but I expected a stronger pecan flavor. The chocolate was smooth and creamy, but the pecans seemed a bit sparse. Still tasty though

Shit made me feel like Bruce Lee if he didn’t die

I bought these for a friend as a gift, and she loved them so much that I had to order more. Definitely for myself this time around, so I can have a taste.

You guys, the Salted Pretzel flavor is a game-changer! The perfect combo of sweet and salty, with just the right amount of crunch. I'm obsessed


Yo, I brought the PolkaDot Chocolate Bars to a party, and they were a hit! Toblerone flavor was a crowd pleaser. Gonna stock up for sure

Dude, PolkaDot Chocolate Bars are the bomb! This Lucky Charms flavor is like childhood in a bar. I'm addicted, man

OMG, these Truffles are to die for! They're so freaking good, like little balls of heaven. Seriously, you gotta try 'em


This Gummies are a game-changer! Not only are they deliciously fruity, but they also provide a gentle and uplifting experience. Perfect for unwinding after a long day

Satisfied 😊

This apple pie bars are delicious, but I wish they were a bit stronger. Overall, a great product

Absolutely divine! The blueberry Truffles are like little drops of heaven. So rich and decadent, they melt in your mouth. Highly recommend


satisfied entirely with this product

Highly recommend

Absolutely divine! This Truffles are like little drops of heaven. So rich and decadent, they melt in your mouth. Highly recommend